Mail Online with Chelsea Clinton, Amy Winehouse and Nelson Mandela article

This is the dinner….

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Stars gather for Mandela photocall… but Amy Winehouse is a no show

Amy Winehouse was a no-show on Thursday as her pop contemporaries gathered for a photocall for Friday’s Nelson Mandela concert.

Although the troubled star confirmed she will sing at Mandela’s 90th birthday concert – despite being diagnosed with early stages of emphysema – her snub will no doubt unsettle organisers and fans ahead of the highly-anticipated gig in London’s Hyde Park.

The 24-year-old was released from hospital on Monday after doctors confirmed she has scarring of the lungs which can cause emphysema, but it is treatable.

 Will Smith,

Will Smith, Leona Lewis, The Sugababes, and Queen’s Brian May joined Nelson Mandela for a photocall in London ahead of the 46664 concert on Friday in Hyde Park

Despite pledging to honour her live commitments at both Glastonbury and the Mandela concert yesterday and spending an hour-and-a-half in rehearsals since leaving the London Clinic, Winehouse was a no-show yesterday.

Instead she visited her husband Blake Fielder-Civil at London’s Pentonville Prison, before stopping off at an off licence for some Jack Daniels whisky and vodka and a packet of sweets.

Meanwhile, at the photocall, Mandela posed with Hollywood star Will Smith, Annie Lennox, and Brit singers Sugababes and Leona Lewis, following Wednesday’s big charity dinner in his honour.

It was, by any standards, an extraordinary night for an extraordinary man.

At the dinner celebrating Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday there were enough stars – including Sir Elton John, Robert De Niro, Uma Thurman and Neil Diamond – and statesmen to put most Hollywood gatherings to shame.

And the stars certainly brought along their cash, raising more than £5million for Mandela’s many charities.

At one point, he picked on a giggling Emma Thompson, cajoling her into bidding for a signed painting of the birthday boy.

  nelson mandela

Tender moment: amid the celebrations for his 90th birthday Graca Machel checks on her husband Nelson Mandela

  Nelson Mandela

World leaders Bill Clinton and PM Gordon Brown lead the applause for one of history’s great men at the star-studded dinner held in his honour

   bill clinton

Ex Presidents: The star-studded dinner – featuring some rather cheesy African themed dinner service – also raised funds for Mandela’s global charity project

oprah winfrey

A-list stars: Oprah Winfrey and Sir Elton John chew the fat at the flower-laden dinner table. 

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Highlights from the Mandela concert will be televised Friday on ITV1 from 9pm on Friday.

Chelsea clinton

Admiration: Chelsea Clinton was another guest who was clearly delighted to meet the political leader

Chelsea Clinton, Graca Machel, Gordon Brown, Bill Clinton, Nelson Mandela and Sarah Brown

Leaders: Chelsea Clinton, Gordon Brown, Bill Clinton and Sarah Brown pose behind birthday boy Nelson Mandela and his wife Graça Machel. 

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Auteur: maudoortwijn

Maud Oortwijn had been a target of organized gang stalking for many years. We believe this must stop, for her and for everyone else facing it.

10 gedachten over “Mail Online with Chelsea Clinton, Amy Winehouse and Nelson Mandela article”

  1. Amy Winehouse is Chelsea Clinton.
    For me this is clear. The moment you now how fucked-up the Illuminati politicians and media are, you can simply see what they are doing. Easy to see.


  2. CC on stage impersonating Amy.

    5 grammies? 5 gram?

    Are you so blind that you can not see? She is even singing it. These Illuminati kids are so bored. They get everything from the day they were born. How crazy is that?


    1. Free Mason Nelson Mandela. They are singing it.
      Are you so blind that you can not see. They are laughing at us.
      We still believe the media. They are simply messing around, the fuckers.


  3. The dress. Black and white like a zebra. Red roses.
    She is not that good. This is an Illuminati shill from day 1.
    And stressing she is soo authentic, you know she is programmed.
    Nobody who is authentic will stress they are authentic.


  4. Several people played the Amy Winehouse role, among which Chelsea Clinton.
    They are fuckers and the media mainly lies, so we never know.
    We have to build civilization again by excluding these people. They want Apartheid, they should get it.
    Look how well they do without money from tax payers and the many servants etc etc. No no no….
    Daddy should have send you to rehab but he didnot no no no.


  5. 4 666 4

    For 666 (feestje) vieren.

    Nelson Mandela heeft in zijn zogenaamde jaren in eenzame opsluiting waarschijnlijk riant in New York ofzo gewoond, alle luxe gekend, en is flink beloond voor de verkoop van zijn eigen volk. Uiteindelijk wil de man de geschiedenis in als het goede in de mens, dus de leugen van zijn heldendom. Je kan geen Apartheid opzetten, als de machtige mannen in je eigen bevolkingsgroep er geen baat bij hebben. Hoe voer je Apartheid in? Door de machtigen in je eigen clubje het te laten organiseren. Anders lukt het niet.

    Zoals in Amsterdam de Joodse Raad ook de boel regelde in WO2. Geen weerstand, alles komt goed als je naar de Joodse Raad luistert. Die organiseert het. Deze lichting Joden naar Auswitz, zogenaamd op de dodentrein, maar stiekem naar Amerika. En dan deze volgende lichting Joden met de trein naar een werkkamp voor 4 jaar. Na 5 jaar waren de Joden collectief slachtoffer en kregen om die reden baantjes toegewezen. Ook lukte het, om veel Joden, degene die wel degelijk in werkkampen hadden gezeten, over te halen om nu wél Israel op te bouwen. Voor WO2 was dat een probleem. Er zou Israel komen, maar zouden genoeg Joden bereid zijn er heen te verhuizen en die staat op te bouwen? Nu was er gelijk een grote groep die bereid was iets vanaf niets op te bouwen.


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